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OneSails has some recent news and developments which takes environmental issues very seriously. First, the company is now offering FSI evaluations. Secondly, OneSails has achieved ISO environmental certification; yet another step in leading the industry in carbon footprint reduction.


What is FSI you may be asking yourself? Fluid Structural Interaction (FSI) analysis combines aerodynamic analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD, which involves the simulation of wind tunnel testing to determine wind pressure and aerodynamic forces) with structural analysis. In other words, it predicts how sails will deform under wind pressure and rig interaction, then studies the aerodynamic forces generated.

Why should captains and sailboat owners care about FSI? This exact software was a key element in the design and engineering of some of the largest bridges and structures in the world, as well as the Americas Cup style wings and sails. Here are some of the key benefits:

1.      Design optimization: helps achieve the best possible aerodynamic behaviour

2.      Structural optimization: helps achieve the best shape holding with the lightest possible sail and customized mast and hull/keel/rudder configuration

3.      Trim optimization: gives insight to crew on tuning the rig and sheeting the sails for better performance

4.      Load analysis: gives insight for properly sizing rig elements and boat hardware

5.      Trouble shooting: gives insight to better understand causes behind unsuccessful sail shapes 

What about ISO? OneSails International Ltd. achieved ISO environmental certification for its new 4T FORTE sail technology meeting the standards of ISO 14040 – 14044 of the LCA-Life Cycle Assessment. This means the technology developed for the production of this kind of sail implies a reduction of up to 66% of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to an equivalent sail.

For a real life example, in the recent Salona 42 Race it was determined that a 4T FORTE Main produced 57,5% fewer CO2 emissions and a 4T FORTE Jib produced 57,2% fewer CO2 emissions than a Dacron sail.

With this ISO certification, in addition to 4T FORTE being 100% recyclable, OneSails is leading the industry in carbon footprint reduction with a seriously environmentally friendly, not to mention incredibly cutting edge, sail technology.

How does this affect captains and sailboat owners?

With 4T FORTE, they can be confident they have the best performing sails on the market while making the smallest carbon footprint possible. In addition, when ready for new sails, they can trade in 4T FORTE at a local OneSails loft for cash or new sails. Not bad, eh?

Andrea MacLean <>


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