Mental Self Defence – Lesson 1: Combat Negativity

Have you ever over-reacted to the smallest thing… woke up grumpy on a gorgeous sunny day… been anxious about an interview… fearful about an upcoming confrontation… irritated by a co-worker..?


If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then congratulations, you’re human. But if you think your feelings are something that happen to you, rather than something you have the power to control, then I’m here to show you differently.

Every month I’m going to teach you a simple yet incredibly powerful Mental Self Defence technique, which will help you live a happier, deeper, more positive life. Not when you’ve hit the jackpot on the Euro Millions, or sat on a shrink’s couch for 28 years, but right now.

At the end of each article, I’ll direct you to an online video, where I’ll expand on the month’s lesson and demonstrate the featured technique face-to-face.

So here’s lesson 1.
Emotions aren’t static. They don’t sit in the pit of your stomach motionless, or weigh heavy and inactive on your mind. They rotate. If they didn’t, they’d disappear.

And that’s an incredibly useful thing to know. Because when we learn how to ‘tune-in’ to the way our emotions are rotating, no matter how minimally, we can control them.

When we feel good, we can rotate the feeling faster and faster to make it more positive. And when we feel negative, we can rotate the emotion faster and faster in the opposite direction to make it weaker.

Go ahead and try it now:
1. Think of something which makes you feel a negative emotion.

2. Notice which direction the emotion spins in your body: is it forwards, backwards, clockwise or anti-clockwise? (Close your eyes to tune-in if it helps)

3. When you get a sense of the direction, visualise red arrows pointing in the direction it spins.

4. Imagine taking the feeling outside of your body, turning it around, changing the arrows from red to blue and bringing it back into your body as you spin the feeling in this opposite direction.

6. Keep spinning the feeling faster and faster in your body as you notice the negative feeling disappearing.

7. Now, think of something which makes you feel really comfortable and notice which direction this feeling moves in.

8. Spin this comfortable feeling faster and faster and as it intensifies think of a future event that you’d like to feel positive about. By doing this, your mind will connect the positive feeling with the event.

Matt Follows
Hypnotherapist & NLP Mind Coach
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