AMARGÉRO – The aperitif with the difference.

Stage designer and producer Katja Lebelt has been living in a small village on Mallorca for several years. Alongside her work in international cultural projects, she dedicates herself to breeding and training polo horses. At the weekends, friends meet at CAN CAVALL BLAU to compete in arena polo in a very laid-back atmosphere. Here she also runs an organic farm with her family, where they grow wine, olives, citrus and other types of fruit and process them into very special products in co-operation with local partners. Among these products, AMARGÉRO has developed into a highly regarded flagship and “bestseller”. 

AMARGÉRO is an aperitif with 16% alcohol, made from fully ripe and natural Mallorcan bitter oranges. Bitter oranges were introduced to Mallorca by Arab settlers in the 11th century. The robust trees do not require artificial irrigation, are resistant to pests and are therefore ideally suited to thrive in changing climatic conditions. Unfortunately, the fruit is hardly used today and often remains unharvested in the island’s numerous citrus orchards.  

In her search for a use for fruit from her own old bitter orange trees, Katja developed the recipe for this aperitif, which was initially only produced for friends and visitors to the organic finca in Sencelles on Mallorca. AMARGÉRO has only been produced for sale for just under two years in response to requests from restaurant and bar owner friends.  

Katja: “AMARGÉRO is characterised by its fine, bitter-sweet taste. Its bright, golden, sunny colour and pleasant fruity aroma transport consumers to the Mallorcan countryside.” 

The organically grown fruit is harvested by hand and carefully processed immediately after harvesting. In addition to the peel, the juice of the bitter oranges is also used, to which AMARGÉRO owes its strikingly fruity flavour. After several weeks of maceration and maturation, the finished aperitif is bottled unfiltered and without the addition of any artificial colourings or flavourings. AMARGÉRO thus fulfils the current desire of many consumers for natural, regional and sustainably produced quality products. The eye-catching label was created by a young Mallorcan designer. As AMARGÉRO is made exclusively from freshly harvested fruit, production only takes place once a year at harvest time and is very limited in quantity. 

Katja: “Enjoy AMARGÉRO as a sundowner always well chilled, either neat on ice, as a spritz with a dry, local cava or as a flavour-defining ingredient in delicious cocktails”. 

AMARGÉRO is now available in many speciality shops, hip bars and restaurants in Palma and numerous other places on Mallorca and is increasingly holding its own against the competition from industrially manufactured products from international companies. 

Katja: “We cannot and do not want to compete with well-known industrial products on price, but on quality, flavour and exclusivity. AMARGÉRO is the perfect alternative for people who are looking for something special.” 

All points of sale and a selection of exciting cocktail recipes can be found at Island-wide delivery on yachts is provided by CAV and Bolsita Verde 


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