Floatist: Digitalising the Yacht Charter Market

Floatist, a startup founded in February 2022, is a SaaS company disrupting the yacht charter industry. CEO Cindy Allis and CTO Albert Yera Gomez co-founded the fully remote company.

With an entire team passionate about sailing and technology, the company is solving the operational challenges faced by fleet operators and yacht charter companies through its innovative productivity tool. The app provides a platform for clients and companies to use self-check-in and check-out, a scheduling and tracking boat maintenance tool, and is integrated with various popular booking systems.

From the beginning to the end of the chartering process, Floatist is on hand to offer support through its one-stop-shop support function. This creates a better and more streamlined process for back-office operations for the yacht charter company and an enhanced customer experience for the charter client. Charter clients have access to a fully digital yacht manual with equipment explanations that allow them to come more prepared to their charter, and feel more at ease during charter.

Floatist is playing a considerable role in the much-needed digitisation of the industry by offering solutions to improve internal communication between the client and the charter company. It offers support to clients through the app, keeps track of maintenance, and provides data to analyse trends.

The future looks bright for Floatist as they continue to launch additional features to their app. Although they only launched with their first customers less than a year ago, the startup already has 200 boats using the platform and is preparing for a very busy summer season ahead with plenty of new customers to support.

The forthcoming months will see a few exciting features such as ultra-fast check-in, enabling clients to sign the contract and pay the deposit while still at home. Also, the ability to order additional services via the app, such as water toys or even a grocery delivery service ready for when a customer steps aboard. New features such as inventory management will be released imminently for yacht charter companies.



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