A Juice Detox with Ziva To Go

If you’ve been on the island for any stretch of time and have an affinity for health and wellness, you’ve surely come across Ziva and their tasty, plant-based vegan fare. Now, in time for summer, Ziva also offers cold-pressed green juice detox programs, of 3, 5 or 7 days. At Nourish we trialled a 5-day cleanse recently and had great results.

What’s Involved in the Program?

Ziva arms you with their detox manual which gives you plenty of information about the why’s and how’s of detoxing and outlines the full program. It describes the 1-2 week ‘Pre-cleansing program’, what healing symptoms to expect, an array of complementary therapies and ways to enhance your detox, and how to break the fast post-detox. If you wanted to go all-in, for example, your program might involve additional supplements, powders and teas, massages, colonics, steam baths, yoga, meditation, dry body brushing and tongue scraping, alongside your daily juices.

What am I Drinking?

Each day you consume four 500ml cold-pressed, organic, green juices comprised of greens, cucumber, celery, lemon and Ziva’s special detox powder made of superfoods. This is a cleanse for the purists – no fruit to be seen! Although fruit has many vitamins and minerals and is very rich in fibre, it is also filled with sugar. You can get the same nutritional benefits from just vegetables.

For a little warmth, you may also sip on yerba mate till your heart’s content (and a great way to curb the coffee withdrawals!).

The Results

I finished the 5-days without too much difficulty, and felt fantastic. My head was clear, my skin was brighter, and I felt lighter both physically and mentally. Detoxing isn’t about weight loss, but it can be a natural byproduct of a cleanse. I have nifty scales that measure all sorts so although I’d shifted around 3.5 kilos, more interestingly my metabolic age had decreased, and my muscle mass hadn’t gone down much at all. I was a bit worried about losing muscle due to the lack of protein, but I maintained my resistance training throughout the cleanse which seemed to have negated this. It’s worth noting that Ziva’s most popular cleanse is the 7-day, and one can expect even better results by sticking it out those extra couple of days.

Keen to Give a Juice Detox a Go?

If you’re new to juicing I highly recommend dipping your toe in the water with Ziva’s 1 or 3-day programs, and for the more advanced juicers, take out all the juice prep and planning woes by letting Ziva stock you up for a 7-day cleanse. Booking is simple, just head to the Ziva website www.zivatogo.com and click on the Juice Detox link.


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