Dear Islanders

Writing this month’s editorial in mid-September, and I feel everything seems to be returning to “ normal” within our industry, the autumn run of boat shows are well underway, the regattas are in full swing, charters are still being taken as the summer heat subsides and makes way for what is usually one of the best months of the year here in Mallorca.

The early reports of the Boatshow season seem to be very favourable so far, with Cannes recording an attendance of 54,000 surpassing the previous record set in 2019. Sunseeker reported sales of over 100m eu, an amazing result. Great signs indeed that the corner has been turned. Southampton is in mid show as I write this, but again, the early indications are very positive.

Next week sees Monaco Yacht Show return, and I will be very keen to see what transpires there. I hear that there are several previous exhibitors of some stature who are not taking stand space this year, but will be there in Monaco utilising the facilities of restaurants to hold social events and avoid the straightjacket restrictions and exorbitant exhibiting costs which MYS now impose. The A Crew lounge at Rascasse has always proven to be a popular venue, situated just 10 metres outside the show, and I feel this formula may well be repeated more and more. The organisers have made their stance on who they wish to attract very clear by charging 500 euros per person for a day ticket. I see the sense in trying to attract the potential owners , but maybe they are ignoring the aspiring owner who could be easily discouraged in my opinion by this attitude. Let’s see what happens and read all about it in next month’s issue of The Islander Magazine.

This summer’s visiting yachts seem to have been larger than I remember in past years, another good sign that Mallorca attracts these vessels who keep our industry afloat.

The annual refit season is now gathering momentum, and the signs are good for yet another successful season here in Mallorca. Speaking to many of our local contractors, they seem to have good prospects for the forthcoming months, with some large projects in the offing. We wish them all well and hope that 2021/2022 proves to be the best refit season yet.

Fair Winds!

Simon Relph – Editor


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