Spartan Up!

Well done to all my clients who not only took part but excelled at the Spartan event. You did amazingly I am very proud of you.

If getting involved in an event appeals to you while you are here in Mallorca then please let me know ? There are events going on all year round and we can plan your training around your event. Perhaps you would like to enter the event as a team onboard ?

Maybe you would just like some team group training onboard ?

Or perhaps activities that get you may from the boat and into the mountains for team building or as change.

Some captains have mentioned that the seasons away onboard can be challenging for crew, perhaps they fall out or have not created the right balance of working together pre season.

My training , group workouts and excursions provide the excellent start to the season whether you have new crew aboard that you want to gel with or the existing crew to work with one another in a different capacity

What ever the reason my workouts bring the crew closer together.

Experiencing natural and being physical ,working together outside of the boat brings people together.

Perhaps you are not on a boat but part of a Company – these activities are excellent for any one working together or wanting to enjoy an outdoors fun experience.

awaken the child within, take it back to basics, push yourself more than you thought you could and make achievements you will be proud of.

It also starts with health and mind.

Even better – start with a basic analysis and nutritional overhaul

Take advantage of my DNA testing to give scientific training and nutritional programs

Or just get involved with our POP UP WORKOUTS.

Many people from boats and offices jump in so its the perfect way to get social.

We also have mums groups – so if your husbands is away and you would like to make more friends here then this is the perfect catalyst.


Please drop me a line on how to get started . What ever your fitness level – even if you are new to exercising , totally out of shape and very overweight – make a new start right here , right now. Drop me a line.



we move around the joint so find out where we are .

Boats, offices, mums, locals – everyone welcome !!!




This technology works by boosting blood flow and therefore improving the cardiovascular system and helping to get nutrients into the cells. It promotes cell regeneration and in doing so accelerates healing – very helpful when recovering from an athletic event or injury- sports or otherwise


With just 2 , 8 minute sessions a day you can enhance your physical well being and improve your sleep, Helping you to go into a deep restful rejuvenating sleep. Or you can simply place the mat on your bed and put it into sleep mode – it works its magic while you sleep in a deep restful , rejuvenating sleep




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