Global Launch of Luxury Superyacht Partnership at Monaco Yacht Show 2016

Set for their global debut at Monaco Yacht Show 2016, New Zealand Luxury Experiences is New Zealand’s first luxury cultural tourism company offering full service to superyachts. Founded in partnership with Auckland-based Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ, the company aims to connect visiting superyacht owners and charterers with Māori culture during their stay in New Zealand.


The company combines the extensive yachting knowledge and expertise of Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ Founder Jeanette Tobin, veteran sailor Duthie Lidgard and longtime tourism professional and Māori cultural advisor John Panoho with an immersive luxury superyacht experience with a cultural flair.

All of the principal partners have Māori heritage, strong yachting backgrounds and vast experience in promoting New Zealand as a luxury charter destination.

Lidgard confirms the strength of the collaboration and says, “In creating New Zealand Luxury Experiences, we have combined our Founders’ outstanding experience with what we feel is a really exceptional service mentality. We understand the expectations of superyacht owners and guests – they expect the very best, and this should include having an exclusive, private experience while cruising the beautiful waters of Aotearoa-New Zealand. With a very high standing in the Māori community, John brings our clients wonderful insight into this unique and fascinating culture.”


Author: Rebecca Whitlocke


Rebecca Whitlocke is a freelance writer based in the south of France.  When not collaborating with yachting companies and luxury travel providers, she enjoys stand up paddleboarding on the French Riviera coastline, and searching for the best tarte aux citron in the region.



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