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Natura Parc, is located in Santa Eugenia, just a 15min drive from the centre of Palma.

Antonio Mas Mir, owned a small plot of land and landscaped the area to keep his collections of wild fowl and farm animals. Both his wife, Benita and Antonio stopped their full time employment and decided to focus their time and energy on the dream of one day owning an animal sanctuary.

Over the following years their increasing love for animals and nature Screenshot 2016-07-18 18.36.46enabled them to open up their property to visitors, showing the small variety of wild foul and farm animals. This helped to finance the growing running costs, but also brought more attention from the public. So much so, that soon, people where leaving unwanted animals at their gates…!!!

Now the odd goat or cow, was not an issue…but when people started leaving boxes with the likes of Snakes, Spiders and Parrots, something had to change… and NATURA PARC was born in 1998.

Today, the Natura Parc, consists of an area of 33,000m2 and is run by the family under the management of Mariano, the family’s only son. He oversees the day to day issues of running and funding the sanctuary, which now includes a team of more than 60 professionals, working every day in education, research, conservation and animal rescue.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 18.37.32Natura Parc is an entirely private entity, solely set up by a family and their love of animals. There is NO government or tourism funding. The sanctuary runs on donations, animal sponsorship and daily ticket sales.

“It’s really important to understand the set up. We get some bad press on Facebook and Trip Advisor at times, from people that don’t understand what we are and what we do. We are NOT a Zoo, we do not have a lot of money, but we NEVER turn an animal away” comments Mariano.

He continues by stating “80% of the animals that live in our centre are rescued animals. They have been the subject of animal abuse, illegal trafficking or abandonment and are brought to us by both the Guardia Civil and Custom’s. So this centre’s aims and functions are to help, awareness, to educate society and give the animals a second chance, as they can’t be returned to their natural habitat. We are NOT a Zoo we are a self-funding Animal Sanctuary.”

During a visit you can see animals of all kinds, from a large collection ofScreenshot 2016-07-18 18.37.44 birds from around the world to large cats and primates. At set times of the day you can enter the Lorraite aviary and help feed them and also walk thought the “Lemur Jungle” getting you closer and to enable you to interact with these cheeky animals.

“Each animal display has a notice board stating the animals life story. Shyla the Leopard, came to the center in 2012. She lost her tail in an accident when she was young because she was caged with various other bigger cats. Leopards need their tails to help with balance, so her injuries make it impossible for her to be returned to the wild, and no “Zoo” wants to exhibit a cat without a tail. So we have offered her a home here at the Sanctuary.

Moni the Capuchin Monkey came to our centre from a police seizure. His condition on arrival was life threatening, his weight was three times less than the normal weight of a Capuchin and he had fractures in both arms. He was taken into surgery and after a long operation and months of care he is now one of the main characters in our area primates area.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 18.36.58Two months ago we received an anonymous call from an island resident informing us that there were two female and one male lions, being kept in a steel storage container here on Mallorca. We rescued these animals and once back at the sanctuary we could assess their real condition. Unfortunately one of the females was so undernourished that there was nothing we could so for her so we took the very sad decision to put her to sleep and ease her pain. The other two lions, although still in a bad shape with no claws or teeth are now making a full recovery and have moved into our new Lion exhibit.”

Natura Parc, has a vast range of wild and exotic animals, ranging from Lions and Tigers, to Monkeys and Zebra’s across to Pigs and Goats… but every animal here is rescued.

Natura parc is open every day of the year, from 10am – 5.30pm and is 11 euros per adult and 7 euros per child with if a resident, and 15 euros and 9 euros if a visitor to Mallorca.

All the money taken for ticket sales goes into the care of the animals.

For more information regarding the Sanctuary, kid’s Birthday Parties, our BBQ areas, animal sponsorship and general information, please call 0034 971 1440 78 or visit

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