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“It is essential to take care of every boat as if it were unique”


Rodrigo Sanz is the founder and captain-general of Pro-Rigging, one of Mallorca’s leading companies in the maintenance and repair of large sailing yachts. Passionate about the sea ever since he was a boy, the aims and objectives of this Mallorcan by adoption and of his business, which now has been going for almost 10 years, are to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding of customers, giving them a fast, tailor-made service, since Pro-Rigging considers each vessel to be unique.



When did you first get an interest in sailing?


As long ago as I can remember. My first contact with the sea was when I was only two, and had just come to Mallorca. My life is centred on the sea, because as well as devoting my efforts to the maintenance and repair of large size yachts, I am a professional competitor in regattas, and my dream of sailing across the Atlantic has come true.



Where were you brought up?

I was born in Madrid, but I came to Mallorca when I was just one year old, because my parents fell in love with the island and the Mediterranean. I was brought up here and I have lived here ever since.



When did you realise that the sailing industry was going to be your career?


When I was 18 I had to decide what to do, but I was certain that the sea was my future. I started to do Economics at university, but I didn’t enjoy it. I have been involved in the marine industry for over 15 years now. I love what I do and I try to transmit this passion through my own work and that of my team, all of whom are highly skilled professionals who carry out all their work with exquisite care and attention to detail. After so many years, I am completely familiar with the ins and outs of the sector, the demands of captains and their most pressing requirements.



Did you achieve any success in your early sailing career?


I took up sailing as a hobby when I was very young, then I started to take part in regattas with my father’s boat, and when I was 19 I turned professional. My latest big success was last year when we won the Copa del Rey with Red Electrica. And very happy about that I am.



     What was your first job in the industry and when?


My first job was when I was 18, building competition boats in Mallorca. Shortly afterwards, a partner and I set up a rigging company, in a similar line of work and with similar objectives. Finally, I went solo and I decided to create my own company, Pro-Rigging.



When did you start Pro-Rigging?


I founded the company nearly ten years ago in June 2009.



How many  people do you employ ?


This is a rather complicated question to answer. The company began with two workers and now has a team of eight. These are people in the company’s direct employ. I wouldn’t like to hazard an exact figure of the numbers of people indirectly employed, but there are a good many.



What yachts do you sail these days?


I am currently taking part in the superyacht regatta circuit with the boat Win Win, a yacht of over 33 metres in length, designed by Javier Jáudenes; I also sail in the Wally class circuit on the yacht Galma.



What have been the main changes for your business over the past 10 years?


We have a clear objective: growth, both in terms of our capacity to respond to a greater demand, and also to provide more services as an integral part of our range, metalwork for example. To this end we have contracted a larger number of specialised, highly talented professionals, clearly oriented to customer service. We have also moved to larger industrial premises on the Ca’n Valero business estate and we have created new departments within the company, such as the aforesaid metalwork dept. and our new hydraulics division. These sound developments are the fruit of careful consideration and will provide our customers with a better, more effective service.



10.- What are the main challenges today in your business?


This is a very competitive market and it is hard to remain one of the leading companies in the sector. The challenges are clear and mean that we have to keep up to date continually with training, the materials to be used and our technical knowledge; in addition, we have to have a highly skilled team, ready to find a solution for the slightest complication that we might come across. It is essential to take care of every boat as if it were unique and to be in a position to cope happily with the needs of the yacht captains, as well as ensuring deadlines are met. That is the only way to ensure excellence in the work, which is our number one priority. Perseverance, dedication and being able to react quickly are all vital.


11.- Is it easier working with the new materials of today, as technology has developed into using more carbon and fibres rather than wire and rod?


Yes, of course. Technology progresses very quickly; its evolution is very fast and very effective. Improvements in materials provide higher quality and better guarantees of the results, and so greater customer satisfaction.



What type of projects are you taking far?


We work with boats of very different sizes, from small craft to large yachts. And of course we carry out all sorts of jobs, ranging from the most simple to the most complex of challenges.



What was your “ oops” moment when something went wrong???


Well, there have been a few. All of them were to do with customers who were not happy, materials that didn’t arrive on time, and boats that were due to go to sea, but nothing that couldn’t be sorted out successfully, with large amounts of personalized care and attention.



How do you see Pro-Rigging in 10 years time?

Expanding. In ten years’ time I hope the company will have grown both in terms of the size of our team and the number of projects being undertaken. We have to progress, consolidate, innovate and above all expand in ideas, in diversification and in quality.

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