PSP unveils ambitious growth plans

UK-based yacht transporter PSP has announced ambitious growth plans that include the opening of new offices and a new board structure in an attempt to become a £20m company by 2026.

“The last seven years have been particularly noteworthy and PSP has seen a significant growth in revenue,” says managing director Frank Dixie. “We have achieved this through a series of contributing factors.

“We concentrated much of our firepower on building our brand, particularly to awareness of it and its very special and unique ethos and services. And it has paid off, helping to give us a growth of over 10% per year.”

PSP now has three UK offices in Fareham, Poole and London. The company plans to open other branches in the UK “to make it accessible to customers in the key places we have identified”, Dixie explains.

PSP Alliance, a network of agents that work together to provide service for customers around the globe, now has members in Germany, Spain, India, South Africa, China, Dubai, Australasia, the US and Antigua.

New structure
Dixie confirms that PSP is committed to trebling this growth to become a £20m company by 2026. To do this, the company directors need the space to concentrate and develop key areas of the business.

As part of this plan, the company has established a new board structure led by Dixie as managing director. Each director is tasked to achieve the division’s percentage contribution to this overall objective.


Commenting on the new structure, PSP has appointed Jo Dixie to  head up PSP Marine. “Jo’s experience in our industry is significant and she has developed professional relationships with the key players,” says Dixie. “She also has exceptional vision and her plans for development of this side of our business are strong and targeted to build on the solid platform we have established in the last 10 years.”

In addition, a big player in PSP’s development plans is the customer expansion of its Marine Spares Division, headed up by financial director Darron Strange. Darron has recently returned from Korea where he has looked to increase trade by working more closely with our dedicated agent. With immediate effect PSP is able to supply, organise customs clearance and transportation by air or sea freight of a wide range of marine spares.

Commenting on the appointment, Dixie says: “The overseas links and international knowledge of the marine commercial and leisure industry Shaun Parsons has will underpin and spearhead both PSP marine divisions. He will continue to offer years of experience and knowledge to the sales team.”

Pivotal in the new board of directors is Alex Dixie who works across all divisions as operations director. He has been growing his knowledge of the company and of the industry, ensuring the company is fit to move into key selected new markets. “It is critical that our own ship is maintained and well oiled to ensure the very personal service we are proud of giving to our customers remains unparalleled,” PSP boss comments.

In addition, sales director Mike Austin has proved himself adept at identifying, seeking out and closing on business opportunities. Dixie comments: “He leads our sales team giving confidence to make the impossible happen. Our client growth in the exhibition, project, oil and gas industries is testament to this.”

Founded in 1998, PSP has grown to become an independent UK market leader in project logistics, freight, packing and boat transportation. The company is headquartered in Fareham.


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