Nautipaints Chandlery

Boat owners around Mallorca have been calling on the Nautipaints Chandlery stores since the Seventies, and no wonder, as they have an unrivalled knowledge of marine products and supplies.

“We often get asked by boat owners to advise them on what to buy and use on their yacht,” said Juan Pablo Gonzalez, the Chandlery Manager.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 16.05.58“We help them to make the right decision for their specific needs.

“We have a lot of different products we can choose from and we know our clients have a lot of confidence in us because they come back time and time again.

Nautipaints has been privileged enough to make long standing partnerships with leading names in the Marine Products industry, something that not every chandlery can claim.

The roll call of the brand names they stock includes Alrose (Gas Sprigs), Lanoprotect (lubricants and rust inhibitors); Boero, International Paint and Jotun, all producers of top quality paints and antifoulings; Awlgrip (paints), Epifanes (varnish), and Shurhold (brushes).

Nautipaints also produce their own range of cleaning and maintenance products which have been developed with the benefit of their own decades of experience.

“We saw a need and couldn’t find a product which would fulfill that need”, explained Juan Pablo, “so we started to develop and make our own products and we’re very proud of them!” They certainly should be as it is very unusual for a Chandlery to have such resources at its disposal.

The products range from “Nauti-Pol” which is a general use, neutral, non-harmful detergent recommended for teak decks, super Screenshot 2015-11-24 16.06.06structures and hulls to “Nauti-Wax” which is a concentrated wash and wax shampoo. It cleans and shines the boat, reduces that annoying streaking and water spotting and is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It can be used on gel coat fibreglass and painted surfaces. “One of our most widely used products has to be the Nauti-Cleaner, it’s a multipurpose cleaner and powerful degreaser, it can be used on any surface and is great for almost every possible job on a boat,” said Juan Pablo.

“Another popular product we offer is our Nauti-Aqua, it’s a deodoriser and disinfectant for the toilet and black water tanks, which breaks down waste and paper and leaves a pleasant smell. You have to take care of these things. It’s not something you can avoid if you are going to be caring for your boat properly”.

The Nauti cleaning range also includes many environmentally friendly products for rust, sludge, fuel and grease removal, decalcifying and glass and fender cleaning.

This progressive Chandlery has also made ordering any of the products it stocks much more user friendly, if you download their “Nautipaints App” you can do it straight from your phone!

“We wanted to be as proactive as possible for our customers,” concluded Juan Pablo, “We know that the longer they spend having to shop and care for their boat it eats away at their sailing time, we’re here to make the process as efficient as possible.”


Nautipaints have since continued to nurture this proactive attitude Juan Pablo speaks of in the form of a new look Chandlery.

Everything on offer, including brand new stock has been organized in the refurbished Palma store, where the team, under innovative product training, is ready to provide leading information on any boating query presented to them with great effect!


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