Making regular money transfers abroad.

Many people take the task of sending regular payments abroad for granted and just entrust it to their banks to get the job done. In fact, many don’t even look at their bank statements or consider the exchange rates or charges being levied for such transactions. When contemplating larger transfers then people generally do look at alternatives, such as using the services of a specialist currency broker, where much better exchange rates and zero charges may apply.


But these currency exchange brokers are not just there to help with the big stuff. The same competitive exchange rates can be had for the more mundane transfers, whether that be a regular payment for rent or bills, sending funds back “home” each month, topping up bank accounts or paying for goods and services. And they can deal in all major currencies, anywhere in the world.


But when exchange rates are favourable, did you know that you can fix the rate for up to two years, even for small regular payments? Leading broker, Premier FX, is doing this every day for their clients, and nice savings are being made. Here’s a real example to show what is possible:


“One client was sending a regular sum of €1500 from his Spanish bank account to his savings account in the UK each month. His problem was that, due to the fluctuations in exchange rates, he never knew how much he was going to receive in his account each time, which made it hard for him to budget. Moreover, his bank was charging him a €25 fee each time they did it! Premier FX waited until the market was in the right place and then we fixed an exchange rate for 12 months. The client set up a regular transfer to us and we automatically sent the Pounds to his account, with no charges at all. So now he didn’t need to take any action each time, he knew exactly what he was getting each month, and at the end of the year, he calculated that he had “gained” the equivalent of a whole extra month’s money!”


So how easy is it to start using an independent currency broker like Premier FX? It’s actually very simple and straightforward, and can all be done online. You simply enter your personal details on the website and your trading account is created within a matter of an hour or so. You also receive login details to the online trading system, allowing you to make your own transfers 24 hours a day. But of course your personal account manager can do everything for you and offer expert advice at any time too. So maybe now’s the time to start saving money and take away the worry of sending money abroad. Safely, quickly and simply!





Premier FX is a UK Limited Company with offices in London, Spain and Portugal. We are regulated by UK Revenue & Customs and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Client funds are held in secure, segregated accounts at Barclays Bank in London and are fully protected by law.



For more information and to discuss your own specific requirements, contact Premier FX:


Nick Jones – Business Development Director

Spain: +34 672 211 058




Nick Jones

Business Development Director

Premier FX

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