Sa Dragonera Marine Reserve Proposal

One thing is for sure in the world of sustainability…protecting marine environments and managing their resources will create an increase in revenue for local people, governments and businesses.



One example of this has been shown with the creation of El Toro Marine Reserve and the increased numbers of divers visiting the reserve over the past years. Aside from spending money on dive related products and services, divers stay in local hotels, eat at local restaurants, visit various tourist attractions and drink at local bars!


Policy makers and influential business owners must understand this concept of marine protected areas and their benefit to the economy. This understanding and proactive decisions are critical for the future of Mallorca!


Following on from last month’s introduction to our Marine Protected Area working group of local marine biologists and business owners I now have the pleasure to present to you the result of the work this group has been conducting with Asociacion Ondine.


We have set out a proposal for the creation of a new MPA surrounding the island of Sa Dragonera.


Recently the City of Andratx proposed to promote a new Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Dragonera. This spectacular island is as natural park, but there is no specific legislation for the conservation of its seabed or local species. Several scientific studies show that marine resources are overexploited around Dragonera, but have great potential for recovery given the physical characteristics of this ecosystem.


For this reason Asociación Ondine proposes a package of management measures related to professional and recreational fishing and various activities for public use, mainly scuba diving and snorkeling, anchoring boats and boating. The objective of this proposal is to get the MPA to produce the desired effects and benefits for all local sectors. In relation to fishing applying bathymetric limitations, seasonal closures and gear specification aims to ensure effective compatibility between artisanal fishing and other uses and activities. Numerous studies and experiences have shown that marine protected areas, well designed and well managed favor both ecosystem restoration as well as the local economy. Marine reserves are allowing the sustainability of artisanal fisheries and the development of economic activities such as ecotourism, and particularly diving.

The proposal for the declaration and management of MPA Sa Dragonera will be provided to different political parties for consideration within the electoral programs of the next election.


You can download this proposal on our website.


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