Stew of the Month – Jennifer Buckley


How did your yachting career first begin?

I saved money as a waitress for months to fly down from North Carolina and take my courses in Fort Lauderdale. I got my STCW-95 and one week later I was called and flew to Holland for my first job on a new build.



What did you do before yachting?

I served a 2 year term with the United States Peace Corps. I was a volunteer working in rural El Salvador doing developmental work with agriculture and schools.


What has been your favourite boat you’ve worked on, and why?

My favorite boat was Redemption. It had awesome owners and crew. We travelled lots and it’s where I really learned how to be a chief stew.


What do you enjoy most about working onboard?

I love the high pace energy. I love meeting so many new people and I love everyday becoming better and better at my job while travelling to new and exciting places.


How do you keep sane on charter?

I like to do ‘heads and beds’ when guests are off the boat for a bit. I have these meditations I listen to with my headphones – happy little mediations that make me smile and feel calm. I also love taking 5 minutes when I can and just sipping on a hot cup of tea.


What are your best strategies for spoiling charter guests?

Reading their Preference sheets is a no-brainer; and if I’ve had the guests on board before, I also make lists about all their likes and dislikes.


What’s the coolest thing you have done for guests?

I planned an entire beach night where I hosted lots of games and activities and then dressed up like a cartoon character from“ Angry Birds” and put on a show.


What is your signature cocktail?

I love to make Espresso Martinis with Amarula.


What is your favourite yachting destination?

I love the Exumas – they always has a soft spot in my heart.


What is your on-board pet hate?

Water bottles everywhere with nobody to claim them: Sharpie your initials please!


Best housekeeping tip/hack?

I love Grandma’s Secret Stain Remover. It’s a life-saver!


What’s the best thing you’ve spoilt yourself to at the end of the season?

A road trip camping and sight seeing all around the USA.



What’s your plan for the future?


I plan on working hard and enjoying the great industry I work in. Saving money for a home and farm one day.


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