Formal Dinner Service

Some tips for a superyacht stewardess to master the art of a fine dinner:

1.-Never leave an empty space before a guest. Etiquette dictates that the space before the guest must always hold a plate, and for this reason service plates are laid on the table before the guests enter the dining room. An empty cover is left before the guest very briefly only when the table is cleared for dessert


2. When sauce is presented, two butlers often work as a team: one to serve the course and the second to follow with sauce..

3.- The server’s fingers do not touch plates that hold food. To keep fingers from the rim of the plate, the butler holds a fresh plate in the palm of his left hand (often a gloved hand) and slides it into place. But the server’s fingers may touch the rim of the plate when it is cleared.

4. The serve ware required per course depends on the number of guests. A “service” is the serve ware required to present a course, such as a platter and a sauce bowl. In general, six to eight guests require one service per course

5.- Service moved in a single direction. Food service proceeds to the right, counter­clockwise, starting with the guest of honor. Beverage service progresses to the left, clockwise.

6.-The traffic level in the dinning room is kept at a minimum. Try not to enter and exit the dining room more than four to six times per course: to set a plate before each guest; to serve the course; to present sauce (as needed); to serve wine; to replenish water (as needed); to clear the plate.

7.-The platter is held in a position that facilitates service. To enable the guest to serve himself comfortably, the platter is held about 1 inch above the guest’s plate.

A separate utensil is provided for each food on the platter.

8.-Second helpings are not offered. Formal dining includes multiple courses and second helpings are not offered. Once serve ware is taken from the dining room, it is not returned.

9.-The goblet and wine glasses remain on the table throughout the entire meal so each guest may enjoy whatever wine her or she chooses. Only the sherry glass is removed at the end of the course it accompanies.

Courtesy from Gemma lloan from Fiona´s Atelier (



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