Mallorca Hiking : A new weekend-break concept: Walking and SUP Yoga Holiday in Cala Ratjada from the 11th – 14th of June 2015

Yoga practitioners often talk about finding peace within. The most difficult thing (even if that can be hard enough) isn’t really to find a quiet place during our holidays where to roll out our mat, but to keep that quietness within, in middle of our daily rush. The nature, the peace and calmness on Mallorca, are some out of many of the reasons why we have decided to settle here and are also the reasons why we see this as the ideal environment for our Hiking- and Yoga Weekend Holidays.

Sometimes we need to get away from our daily routines to be able to appreciate what is there right next to us, and also to find new energy and inspiration.

We believe that we have got a lot to learn. And learning begins here and now. We practice Yoga to learn and to share with others what we experience through our practice. And it is necessary to start within ourselves, to later see a continuous change in our surroundings. First it is important to give us time and space for what we want to do. A shortcut to find out what that is, is to give yourself time for an intense practice, in a peaceful place, where your daily stress doesn’t reach you. Where your common worries and habits don’t draw all your attention. A place where we withdraw from what normally distracts us, to come closer to ourselves. We create a quiet room, to give us the space to listen to our inner voice.

To walk in nature helps us a good bit on the way, and once we find and give ourselves those moments and places of tranquillity, it is easier to find back here. The next time you are stuck in the metro or in a difficult situation, you will find it easier to resort to your inner peace, your inner space, maybe giving it the form and colour of a Mediterranean landscape. This is the landscape that we want to invite you to, and at the same time, create together. The blue ocean, the mountains and the tranquillity are already here; the sense of community and energy that emerge when we intentionally look within and practice intensely with others, will fill you with spirit and motivation.

During the hikes you will experience a new part of Mallorca, less known than its packed beaches. We will take you to the most unforgettable places. Walking is a moving meditation, when we are in closer contact with earth and nature, our body gets the opportunity to discharge and exhale all that may not serve us anymore.

To stay in a 4-star hotel with spa, enjoy the settings, and get healthy Mediterranean food with fresh ingredients, will be a special treat for body and soul.

The yoga classes will be adapted to each and everyone’s needs and experience. Beginners as well as more experienced Yogis are welcome. We will charge our batteries in the morning with a more activating practice, whilst the evening classes will be more of a restorative and relaxing type. One morning, we will move our yoga class down to the little tranquil cove of Cala Lliteras just below the hotel and enjoy a introduction class to Stand Up Paddle Yoga on the board, a fun and different challenge!

Through Asana, Pranayama and meditation we will play with different themes, and again, our beautiful surroundings will help us to look deeper within and discover new ways and possibilities.

We hope and believe that after three days of hiking and Yoga practice at Hotel Bellaplaya&Spa**** and Cala Ratjadas environment you will feel renewed and relaxed, filled with energy and experiences that you can bring home with you and keep in your inner space, to bring forth in the more difficult moments, when you need it the most.


If you are interested in participating in our weekend holiday or any other walk or activitiy, please send us an email to:, or contact us by filling out the contact form at our webpage You can also call us directly on: +34 699 906 009.



Anusara yoga lessons, stunning walks in the east area of Mallorca (Llevant) and comfortable Hotel Bellaplaya with its own spa & delicious restaurant….

This weekend is a real treat!

Facts about this Weekend Holiday:

• Date: From the 11th to the 14th June 2015.

• Location: Cala Ratjada.

• Number of guided yoga lessons: 5.

• Number of guided walks: 2 (easy to moderate).

• Price per person in double room: 390€.

• Price per person in single room: 420€.


Please contact us for more details:
Tel: +34 699 906 009

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