Dos Manos – March 2015


Following on from last months article regarding Asociacion Ondine´s launch of Dos Manos we have had a fantastic response to our request for suggestions on areas around Mallorca that require some Dos Manos love! 

In fact, we even had a wonderful group of local yacht crew who gave up their Sunday and visited Cala Torta and cleaned up a huge amount of marine debris and plastic pollution. They cleaned up so much they didn’t even have enough room in their cars to remove it all. Absolute legends.

This group of environmentally aware yachties were led by the one and only Lars Molin from Palma Yacht Crew. Many thanks to each and every one of you for this sensational effort.


Dos Manos is about empowering local people to clean up yOUR world anytime, anywhere which means the core of this project is prompting proactivity from locals and not necessarily having organized beach clean up days which have been the traditional way of executing these initiatives.

It is also about promoting the use of reusable items, so we have ordered some very cool stainless steel drink bottles which we will be selling from various outlets so as the growing group of local environmentally aware people can begin the process of using less single use plastic bottles.


Asociacion Ondine has also ordered small reusable environmentally friendly collection bags, which can also double as a general day to day bag, depending on each individuals desired use for them. We will also be providing biodegradable plastic bags for our collection days in March! Although biodegradable plastic is not the solution, we must also be realistic about this process. It is all about small steps in the right direction.


One of the many things I like about living in Spain is you are responsible for your own actions, unlike Australia where it seems everyone else is responsible for your actions, here it is different. However, the following information is to ensure all involved understand what they are required to think about and bring with them to a Dos Manos clean up day.


We would like everyone who decides to clean an area of their world to understand these simple but very important guidelines.


Safety Guidelines 

Any work undertaken prior to or during a Clean-up activity is performed at the participants’ own risk. 

Participants are required to exercise care when performing any activity. 


Parents or supervisors of children are responsible for the safety and actions of children at all times. 


Participants shall be free from the influence of alcohol or illegal substances during any part of a Clean-up activity. 


Persons who are using prescribed medication that may cause drowsiness, disorientation or other debilitating effects shall not participate in roadside activities. 


It is recommended that participants strictly observe hygiene standards and wash their face and hands at the completion of activities and before consuming food. 


Be alert for poisonous plants and stinging insects. 


All participants in a Clean-up activity are collectively and individually responsible for ensuring the safety of themselves and others. 


The Coordinator has the final say in approving or rejecting a participant, including if that person’s personal protective equipment is considered unsuitable. Personal protective equipment should include; enclosed shoes, sun protective clothing, hat and sunglasses, gloves and drinking water. 


We encourage everyone to have a small up to date first aid kit in his or
her car as well.


Caution should be exercised if a hypodermic syringe is found. For this reason, do not pick up a pile of rubbish by hand where the contents are not known.  Do not touch potentially hazardous materials such as powders, chemicals, weapons, ammunition, dangerous objects or dead animals. 


So its all about having a little common sense when conducting these initiatives!


On a parting note, the folks that cleaned up Cala Torta said they were amazed at how many plastic cotton bud sticks were on the beach. These tiny little plastic bad boys begin their journey to the beach by being thrown down the toilet after use!


So our first request from Dos Manos Mallorca is for everyone to dispose of their waxy plastic cotton buds in a more appropriate place than simply flushing them down the dunnie (Australian for toilet).




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