Driving Mallorca Club News

The latest cars to join the Club include a brace of Lotus models – an Evora, two Elises, an original Elan and a Super 7 260 – two Spyker Ailerons – a semi auto padel shift and fully auto model – more Porsches – a 911 Targa, 964 and 356 replica – plus a SEAT 600.

A spectacular arrival on the island is an existing Club member´s Ferrari F40 – showing just how attrractive Mallorca is becoming for ultimate cars.


The Spykers are part of the Exclusive Balearic Cars fleet and bring to 3 the number of Spykers on Mallorca. These bespoke lightweight supercars have tuned Audi V8 engines, with race suspension, highly distinctive body styling and outrageous interiors.


Track Events


Driving Mallorca held its first track event at the Circuit Mallorca on Friday December 7, with timed Slalom runs in the Pit Lane, timed open circuit drives and outlaw drag races along the main straight. Entrants included an AC Cobra, two Audi RS4s, BMW Z1, BMW 325i, Caterham Super 7 260,  Ferrari F40, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Lamborghini LP 570 Performante, two Nissan Skylines, Spyker C8 and Toyota Supra.


Winners were BMW Z1 in the Slalom, Audi RS4 fastest lap, and Nissan Skyline GTR on the Drag Racing. The Drag Races were particularly exciting with entrants repeatedly lining up for two car races down the main straight. The next event will be held in early January.


High Performance Driving Experiences


Renting Supercars is relatively expensive by any means but sharing the driving experience of multiple cars between groups of people is a high adrenaline, very sociable and value maximising way to go. Driving Mallorca is running experience days in partnership with Club Members Exclusive Balearic Cars over challenging routes across Mallorca with stops for driver / passenger and car changes. These events are open to Club Members and non-members alike, with special rates for Club Members.


An example route is Palma, col de Soller, Puigmajor, sa Calobra, Caimari, Sineu, Palma and cars now avalailable are Aston Martin Rapide, BMW M6, Jaguar F Type, Lamborghini LP 570, Maserati Grancabrio, Spyker C8 and Ailerons.


Here´s some of the feed back from yacht industry types who recently took the experience:

“Where in Europe, in one day in late November, can you get to drive over €1m worth of supercars, tops down, in 25+º sunshine? Some of the most spectacular and challenging roads you will ever find; And this is almost winter!!!. Come on, I´m still slapping myself to wake up. What a day was had by all.”


¨It´s hard to think how you can have more fun and excitement with supercars than we had. Amazing roads, cars and like-minded people came together for a brilliant day,¨  JS

¨Incredible – a one day full on gumball rally, and I do mean full on.  About as much fun as possible with your clothes on,¨ DM

¨Not to miss, a really very good experience. The
cars are in perfect condition for performance driving, and the roads had good variety including hill climbs and fast sections,¨ JC


For more information on Club activities see drivingmallorca.com

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