Sonos Boost, Wireless Sound in every room of your Yacht

SONOS The most powerful wireless product ever built it is up to two times more powerful than BRIDGE

, BOOST provides enterprise-grade wireless performance for unparalleled reliability, even in situations with wireless connectivity problems.


Sonos is becoming even better as we launch a major software update that will allow Sonos to set up and run an existing Wi-Fi network.

From now on, a wired connection to a router or a SONOS BRIDGE is no longer needed.


The unique approach of Sonos WiFi has allowed Hi-Fi sound to be experienced in any part of the yacht without a SONOS BRIDGE. Now, new customers can use the Wi-Fi configuration that works with a lot of simple configurations of SONOS models.


 The exclusive Sonos network, which is obtained only through a wired connection to a router or a SONOS BRIDGE, remains the best way to ensure the best “bombproof” experience, specifically for the following scenarios:

1.     Properties where the WiFi signal does not reach all the rooms where you want to place a speaker.

2.     Configurations home theatre Sonos, sub or rear speakers; PlayBar independent does not require a wired connection BRIDGE

3.     Customers who already use a BRIDGE or another component wired to your router already benefiting from a dedicated Sonos network and not have to change anything.



Along with the development of the software update today, we have been working on an even more powerful wireless accessory as an alternative to BRIDGE, whose name is SONOS BOOST, which will be available later this year. Keep your eyes open for BOOST official releases in the coming months. Our advances in pure wireless audio will continue to fulfil the promise of continued improved developments.


Thus, a SONOS system can be started from 199 € PVP (PLAY-1 synchronized directly, via Wi-Fi with a local router)



The iOS4 and 5 devices including the first generation of iPad, iPhone 3G and the second and third generation iPod touch, no longer work with the Sonos systems when performing this update.


Patrick L. Popp

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