Captains Briefing

As the captain of a yacht, you not only have to navigate the ship and manage the crew but also be a prudent advisor and expert in any given situation.


However, carrying the weight of these responsibilities is steadily becoming a more demanding task. The ever growing amount of bureaucracy has converted even the quietest ocean into a churning sea of regulations.

Pantaenius knows that when it comes to insurance, the actual requirements of a yacht, captain and crew are usually much higher than the perception of the possible risks involved. In order to fill this gap and to meet the needs of a superyacht captain, Pantaenius has summarised the most important yacht insurance issues from a captain’s perspective:


• First of all: Know what insurance you have in place. When you are on the bridge and a crew member has just lost his hand in the anchor winch, it is not the time to wonder whether your insurance will cover this.


• The Maritime Labour Convention (or MLC 2006) has set standards and guidelines to safeguard the crew in matters of health protection, medical care and crew welfare. The Pantaenius Crew Insurance Package exceeds the requirements of the MLC 2006.


• Adhering to flag state and classification must be priority as most policies will exclude claims relating to non compliance.

• Know the people behind your insurance partner. Make sure they are experts in both insurance and yachting and available at any time of the day or night. Pantaenius provides 24/7 in house claims management, which can avoid time consuming and costly claims settlement.

• Worldwide cruising requires a worldwide support network and knowledge of the country’s specific requirements. Pantaenius has offices in nine different countries including the USA and Australia, which can guarantee a fast and comprehensive claim settlement.


• The risk of third party liability claims is often overlooked. It may never happen to you but always be prepared in case it does. Third party liability claim costs can easily escalate and therefore the sum insured on the policy is of paramount importance. Pantaenius provides full assistance for third party liability claims.


• Cruising in certain waters, especially in the USA, requires pollution certificates. Obtaining these can be time consuming. Pantaenius, as your insurance partner, will help you arrange the necessary documentation.


• Some insurers will exclude areas like the Caribbean during hurricane season. Double check the small print in your policy for hidden warranties and exclusions.


We would be delighted to attend your queries and related questions from one of our offices worldwide so please don’t hesitate contacting us at your convenience.

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