New doctor joins Club de Mar Medical

Dr Ken and Dr Rosemary have become familiar faces at Club de Mar since their arrival in April 2007. They were able to expand in August 2009 with an additional consulting room at the very key location in the Club de Mar building.

Dr Ken has concentrated on the ENG1 work apart from when Dr Rosemary is away at which point the general busyness of the practice becomes much more apparent! Dr Rosemary has always been popular with patients and has developed a following in Mallorca and the industry, especially with her interest in women´s medicine and also in the sexual health concerns of men and women – but general practice extends to much more, generally fairly innocuous and everyday but occasionally quite serious


All in all, there are not many yachties who have not been through the doors at least once since 2007 either with a medical query or in search of an ENG1 certificate!


From 1 September, there has been a new doctor settling in to life as a doctor in Mallorca. Dr Johanna Clark is already getting to know patients and is steadily taking over the responsibilities of Dr Rosemary who is looking forward to taking a back seat. Dr Ken will continue the ENG1 work as before and he and Dr Joh will combine forces to provide the MCA medical training – that is, Medical First Aid (sometimes called Advanced First Aid), Medical Care (Ship Captains Medical Care) and Medical Care Refresher (Ship Captains Refresher) courses. We have excellent Classroom facilities at Palma Sea School/Escuela del Mar opposite Quay 6 of Club de Mar, and above “Mercanautic” Yacht Chandlery. We had a very successful MCA audit during the Medical First Aid course in May when Dr Joh was also teaching, so our certificates will continue to stand up to MCA scrutiny when sent in for tickets– and our course fees are the same as they were in 2011, apart from those that are less!!


Dr Joh graduated in medicine from London University (St George´s Hospital Medical School) and qualified as a General Practitioner in the Royal Air Force where she spent six years. Following her Commission (eventually reaching Squadron Leader rank), she trained in Occupational Medicine in the private sector and has worked in general practice and occupational medicine ever since, both in UK and abroad – and most recently, since 2002, as a civilian doctor with the UK Armed Forces. Her anecdotes and tips from front-line military experience have already enhanced our classroom training courses on her visits earlier this year and have been welcomed by our students. Her special interests include aviation medicine and diving medicine as well as health and safety, medical education and medical leadership and management. She intends to carry on with the current emphasis on sexual health care together with providing health care to women requesting contraceptive services and gynecological concerns as well as addressing the wider spectrum of general practice ailments which affect both men and women.


There will be plenty of scope for her talents at Club de Mar Medical and we look forward to  providing yachties, and the wider ex-patriate community, with a good range of expertise, with specialist referral when that seems sensible….. but none of us really want to work all the time when living in a beautiful and varied place like Mallorca!



Let´s continue to make her welcome!




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