“First Woman Receives Welcomed Translation Support  from CSG During Cancer Treatments”


PALMA, MALLORCA – Discovering that you or a loved one has cancer changes the lives of all those involved.  The sometimes long and complicated fight against cancer can be frightening, confusing, and stressful on family, friends, and, of course, the person diagnosed.  Perhaps one of the most difficult times is when a native-English speaker finds themselves in the Spanish medical system without the ability to communicate fluently in Spanish or they only have access to limited, and sometimes costly, translation services.


Yet, there is a free cancer support service for native-English speakers.  The Cancer Support Group Mallorca provides free counseling,  translation services, wig wardrobe, help with prosthesis and  information about services available in Mallorca, for native-English speakers here on the island. Recently, an English speaking woman, whose identity is of course confidential, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She needed to access the Spanish medical system, but her Spanish wasn’t great.  She she was able to turn to the Cancer Support Group Mallorca for assistance.  Here is her story:


“My husband and I arrived in Palma a year ago to visit his mother.  We decided to stay in Palma to provide her with 24-hour care because her health had gotten so bad.  Only five months later, in February 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I underwent chemotherapy at Clínica Rotger for the first six months, which was a welcomed convenience because they always had English language interpreters available.  I speak very little Spanish. Once I was able to access the public health system, I was transferred to Son Llátzer for a mastectomy. For my first meeting with the surgeon, I was told an interpreter would be provided.  But, just in case, I brought my own, compliments of Cancer Support Group Mallorca.  It turned out to be a smart decision because the interpreter spoke very little English.  Even my doctor was relieved to see that I had brought my own interpreter! 


Having an interpreter with me really made a difference. I was more relaxed and stress free. My interpreter and I had about ten minutes to speak before my appointment, which was enough time to introduce ourselves and review the questions I had prepared for my surgeon  


Had I not had the interpreter from Cancer Support Group Mallorca, I would have had to translate all my questions from the Internet, which isn’t always accurate. Then, I would’ve been really stressed the night before, the morning of, and during my appointment with the surgeon. In addition, it would have been a very frustrating experience because I would have only understood half of what the doctor said and vice versa. I am very  grateful to the Cancer Support Group Mallorca for providing me with an experienced interpreter. It’s a wonderful and essential service. Thank you Cancer Support Group Mallorca!”


This lady continues to utilize the services of Cancer Support Group Mallorca when needed and has even found time to support the organization that helped her so much.  Thanks to the services offered by this group, many native-English speakers have found information about local services, had their questions about cancer answered, and had someone to talk to who genuinely understands the experience of a cancer diagnosis, the necessary medical care, and the road to recovery.  It’s a welcomed resource for all native-English speakers.


About the Cancer Support Group Mallorca

The Cancer Support Group Mallorca has two drop in centers:


Portals Nous at the AAVV center 

Calle Lluna 3, Portals Nous. 07181 .

Center Open Mondays 10.00 to 1300 hrs 

or call us on 659 887 455 email:


Pollensa Care 


c/Medico Llopis 6 Puerto Pollensa (just off the square) Weekdays from 10.00 till 13.00 ask for Sandra

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