Impact Crew launches an international crew survey to discover the real reasons behind crew turnover

Impact Crew is using the Monaco Yacht Show as a launch pad to promote an international survey for crew working in the superyacht arena.  The aim of the survey is to discover the primary factors behind crew turnover and the real reasons why crew would leave a position of employment on board.


Crew turnover is a topic of hot debate as its effects are felt industry wide – from Owners, to Captains, recruitment agents, yacht managers and crew themselves – with the obvious impacts upon costs, safety related incidents, experience and on board knowledge but also the less apparent yet often more far reaching ‘human’ aspects such as Owner ‘experience’ and crew morale.


Karen Passman, founder of Impact Crew suggests “with a greater depth of understanding of the push and pull factors we will be able to provide some compelling data that could help drive changes in the yachting industry to reduce turnover on board.”


Impact Crew launched in 2007, specialises in providing leadership and team development specifically created to cater for the unique demands of the superyacht industry.  Karen Passman has successfully designed and delivered the new MCA HELM courses for UKSA, and regularly runs whole team development programmes both aboard and on shore, as well as leadership and management training for senior crew.  For further information please visit


The survey entitled “Why did you leave your last yacht?” will be live from Wednesday 24 September.  It will be disseminated through our partners including YPI, social media and in person at the ACREW lounge throughout MYS.


Impact Crew would like your support to promote the survey and would like to share our results with you when they are collated early 2015.  Please contact Katrina for more information.



Impact Crew

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