The X-Mas Factor – Keeping Your Cool Over Yule

It may be the season to be jolly but for many, Christmas means a large portion of stress with all the trimmings- planning, organising, wanting everything to go well and being with people we may not necessarily want to be with. 


Spending your holiday making Christmas perfect for someone else can put a huge strain on you, especially when you want to be with your own loved ones. 


Here are some survival tips:


?Share the responsibility so that it doesn’t rest solely on your shoulders and in your mind.


?If you have to spend time with people you’d rather not stay calm, take breaks when you can, take a breath and be calm and polite.


?Keep perspective – Remember who and what is important at times of intense stress.  The moment will pass and you’ll find comfort in letting it do so without the build up of emotion.


?Relax – Be kind to yourself. You can only do your best.  The responsibility doesn’t rest with one person and remember- it’s only for a short time.


A really great way to restore a sense of calm is to take flower remedies.



Helps if you have temporarily lost self-confidence due to an overwhelming amount of responsibility.



Helps you chill and be more relaxed and patient with others.



Is for strong, steady people who never consider resting until they are past the point of exhaustion. 



Is for perfectionists who set themselves high standards, work hard and find many faults in themselves. 



Is for people who find it impossible to switch off and helps them relax instead of feeling the need to be active.


White Chestnut 

Helps release those unwanted worries and mental arguments that keep circling round in your head like a stuck record, especially when they keep you awake at night.


Confid essence

Helps boost self esteem and confidence. It allows you to feel comfortable around other people and resolve negative beliefs you may have about yourself. 


Night Essence

Helps release tensions and promote a good night’s sleep


Tranquillity Essence

Restores calm and peace by helping you overcome anxiety, tension and insomnia.


Vitality Essence

A great tonic for your nervous system and helps you maintain stamina throughout the day. It’s great for insomnia, nervous habits, sluggishness and hangovers!

Would you like to give someone the gift of being more at ease? Contact me today for info – Individual Essences 10€, Boxed gift set of 3 Essences (of your choice) 35€, Relaxation Gift Voucher from Dynamic Healing 50€ (includes one Essence).


Barbara Grimwade

The Stress Expert

+34 600 544 204


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