Technology Update – December 2013

Cracking Christmas Decor Tech and the best gadgets to give

I’d been pondering about whether to lower the serious tech update for a fun Christmas tech column when I visited my seasonal “knick-knacks catalogue” SkyMall and it opened at this page and I thought that was a sign so I thought I would share some of their Christmas Decorations Technology with you!


Look at this! What a cracker. A Giant Inflatable Colour Changing Christmas Tree! Everyone should have one. No needles, not inconspicuous and definitely nothing like the real thing!

According to their description this is  “Tree-mendous! Our towering inflatable Christmas tree puts on a dazzling light show. 

Use the included remote to choose from 12 enchanting light effects! Just plug the weather-resistant fabric tree into any standard outlet and it inflates automatically. 

Stakes and tethers included!

Now something to really irritate the neighbours.

Make your holiday lights “dance” to the music with
this easy-to-use programmer.

Simply plug your indoor or outdoor lights into the control box, then use the remote to program your show. You can select from 12 songs, turn the light show on/off, and adjust the volume, all from inside your house so no-body will know it’s you! How clever.



Now something that makes a lot of sense if you fancy flickering green firefly lights all over your house. Could you be persuaded?

So little effort is needed to install. No climbing up and down a ladder or spending hours hanging lights. Just push the stake into the ground and plug it in. Cutting-edge laser and holographic technology projects thousands of pinpoints of light on your home or garden. It’s as though thousands of fireflies descended! Lights even appear to flicker as wind blows through trees. 

What’s more it’s energy efficient as it uses just a fraction of the energy of a standard incandescent landscape light. Use year-round to create a festive atmosphere for parties round the pool. What a bonus!

A “must have” animated angel with a horn in your front garden!

The angels are technically challenged by having golden wings that slowly open and close to emulate the real thing! I personally haven’t seen the real thing so cannot comment. Fortunately there are no sound effects. Crafted of shimmery fabric over 300 clear mini-lights, she dazzles both day and night.

I suppose it could be absolutely enchanting from every angle if you like this sort of thing. Includes double-prong stakes for better anchoring otherwise they are prone to fly away!





How about hand grenades on your tree? This decoration is tech free but a little weird so I thought I would include it.

Are you looking for a “different” Christmas tree ornament that will provoke comment? What do you think about hanging hand grenades on your tree?

These rather unique ornaments were created to remind us about those in the world who live in conditions where grenades are a part of daily life.

These Grenade Christmas Decorations come in a set of six and each purchase will send a donation to an anti-global conflict cause. The grenade Christmas tree ornaments would be super cool additions to any tree, or great for just hanging around your house. Finally what is more meaningful Christmas than helping others less fortunate than us?

A selection of the best tech gadgets to give this Christmas and how to make yourself very popular.

Google Chromecast
I mentioned this recently.  With the Chromecast, you can watch on your HDTV your favorite online entertainment from you laptop, tablet or smartphone including movies, TV shows, music, and more from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music, and anything you browse with Chrome. The number of apps it works with currently are limited but it is growing. Cheap enough to be a stocking filler!




Sonos is a brilliant system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device. Play what you want in every room over a dedicated wireless network including internet radio, music from Spotify and controlled from your smartphone. Wouldn’t fit in your stocking.

This is a great camera that has become a huge hit over the last year for outdoor activities, wet or dry. It’s very small, light weight and has impressively high performance. It’s very easy to use, even for adults! 

Add the GoPro to the Storm Drone 4 flying platform and you can sneak around and take photos and videos of anything! This combo would make someone very happy.

Bottle Opener Remote Control
Imagine being able to crack open a cold one with the most useful device in your home – with the bottle opener remote control you can easily transition from cracking open a six pack to changing channel! 

Logitech Frabicskin iPad keyboard

Seamlessly integrated keyboard into iPad Air cover. If you have trouble typing on the on-screen keyboard the Bluetooth® FabricSkin keyboard has full-size, keys seamlessly fused into the fabric of the cover to provide a comfortable typing experience. Simple, clean and cool multifunction cover, stand and keyboard.

That’s all folks.  I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year holiday.  All the very best for 2014.


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