Oceanair expands UK facility…

Factory floor space has increased by 460m²

Oceanair, a UK manufacturer of marine blinds, shadings and soft furnishings, has completed a large expansion of its factory in Selsey, West Sussex.

A new mezzanine floor has been added to the facility, expanding factory floor space by 460m². The expansion will provide the capacity to meet projected superyacht and residential market growth, says the company.

Oceanair’s factory now includes a dedicated R&D area, a larger quality control station and a new blind track bending facility; a service that is now being carried out on site. The company has also invested in new factory equipment.

Additional space was also required to accommodate the continued growth of Oceanair’s product range, and the demand for increasingly more complex blind shapes and sizes.

The expansion will help Oceanair shorten lead times, improve build capacity, and help meet the highest of expectations placed upon both product quality and service.

Oceanair says that a second phase of expansion is set to commence in December, with a new showroom planned.

Founded in 1990, Oceanair is a leading supplier of blinds, shades, screens and soft furnishings to the marine market. Its products are exported to over 37 countries, supplying internationally renowned brands.

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