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Spectrawatermakers, leaders in innovation, introduces the Z-ION!

See it at Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) Stand 1.310

Watermaker owners know that once a system has been shut down it is only a matter of time before the filters and plumbing start to smell of rotten eggs. The Z-ION will eliminate these odors and protect the filters and membranes from microbial growth!

How it works
When the watermaker is shut down and flushed with freshwater there are small amounts of bacteria and microbes that grow, consume all the oxygen in the water and then begin to decompose which causes the formation of hydrogen sulfide (the rotten egg smell), which turns your filters black and damages the membranes.

The Z-ION goes into action during the fresh water flush cycle producing silver ions that flood the entire system. Silver is a well known and powerful disinfectant that eliminates the microbes and bacteria that that can damage your watermaker. Best of all, each fresh water flush with the Z-ion will last at least a month so no more short term pickling or flushing every 5 days.

The Z-ION is completely automatic and draws only 15 watts during the fresh water flush cycle (in stand-by it draws <1 watt). When freshwater flows through the carbon filter, the ionizer starts and distributes silver ions disinfecting the entire system. The typical lifespan of the electrode assembly is 2 to 3 years and can be easily replaced.

The Z-ion can be retrofit to all spectra systems and can operate
on 12V or 24V.

For more information, visit or click here

See Spectra and the Z-ION at METS, stand 1.310




Company: Spectrawatermakers Inc.
Country: USA
Contact: Ray Carter (USA), Fabio Podesta (Europe)
Telephone: 415-526-2780 (USA) + 39 338-741-4891 (Europe)
E-mail: (USA), (Europe)



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