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BoatWide launches Marine16 Biocide products for the treatment of Diesel and BIO Diesel 



Protection against Bacteria, yeasts and moulds in diesel 



Marine 16 DBT (Diesel Bug Treatment) is used by the RNLI, Royal Navy and Royal Marines.  It has been awarded 5 stars in independent tests.  BoatWide are now the exclusive distributors of Marine16 in Spain, Balearics, Gibraltar and Canaries. 



The Marine16 data sheet shows that it benefits from the very powerful base ingredient 3.3-methylenebis(5-methyloxazolidine) which has been proven in independent test to be the most effective treatment available. 


Marine16 has a wide range of bottle sizes allowing customers to purchase more appropriate sizes for their application. It is available in 100ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 5 litres and 200 litres  



The EU directive which came into force in September 2013 means that a number of existing products will disappear and the directive will control the marketing claims of biocide and enzyme manufacturers. Enzymes do not kill bacteria they attempt to remove their living environment. Biocides get on with the job of killing bacteria which means biocides provide an immediate effect in the treatment of micro-organisms






  • Kills bacteria, bugs, yeasts and improves filtration
  • Strong base ingredients 3,3-methylenebis(5-methyloxazolidine)
  • It eliminates the formation of micro-organisms
  • Shock or prevention doses
  • Protection against blocked filters


·         Its formula conforms to the new European laws regarding biocides




DBT (Diesel Bug Treatment) and DFC (Diesel Fuel Complete)


With the Marine16 brand BoatWide will maintain range of products such as the basic biocide called DBT (Diesel Bug Treatment) and a more advanced product called DFC (Diesel Fuel Complete) with corrosion protection, cetane improver, lubricant and anti-oxidant. This ensures that BoatWide is able to provide biocide products to suit all the users’ needs




Unlike enzymes, Biocides do not cause water to mix with the fuel therefore there is no danger to the engine if overdosing of Marine16 products occur, also the Marine 16 DBT has an improved preventative dosing rate which means improved cost per litre for users.




Dose levels


(DFC is always shock dose) 


Shock Dose


A 100ml bottle will treat 100 litres of fuel





A 100ml bottle will treat 500 litres of fuel



Marine 16 DBT and DFC is appropriate for all diesel applications such as Marine, Marine Terminals, Cars, Vans, Coaches, Lorries, Tank cleaning and more.  


A Marine16 test kit is also available to detect bacteria, bugs, fungi and yeast in diesel fuel 



Competitive prices


RRP Marine16 DBT (inc. IVA) 100ml (10,89€), 500ml (29,04€), 1 litre (42,35€), 5 litres (127,05€)
RRP Marine16 Diesel Test Kit (inc. IVA) (18,15€)

Professional discounts available 


Available from BoatWide, Exclusive Distributor Spain, Balearics, Gibraltar and Canaries











Odeo FlareTM MK3


The Odeo Flare is an innovative Visual Distress Alerting and Locating device, intended as an alternative to the traditional pyrotechnic red hand-held flare.  

It uses LED technology in a programmed sequence which alternates between a flashing S.O.S. pattern (conforming to Annex IV to COLREGS), and a twinkling pattern which imitates the flicker of a real flame. 

Battery powered






It is robust, waterproof and floats.  The Odeo Flare runs for 6 hours on one set of 3 x AA batteries which can easily be replaced.  We recommend lithium iron disulphide batteries The unit has an effective range well in excess of 3 nautical miles, so there can be no doubt  in the mind of the observer that this is a distress signal. 


The Odeo Flare MK3 is designed to be an excellent alternative to the conventional pyrotechnic red hand held flare and is the next level in our efforts to remove explosives from vessels.

BoatWide – Exclusive Distributor Odeo Flare Spain 

Tecnical specifications

21 x powerful LED lights


3 x lithium iron disulphide AA batteries.


Notes for authors

Odeo Flare stands for Omni Directional Electro Optical (ODEO)

Quote from the RYA 

 The RYA has been shown no persuasive evidence that flares have search and rescue benefits that cannot be provided by modern technology. “Couple this with the significantly reduced disposal service for flares and the argument for continuing to mandate flares becomes unreasonable and illogical” concludes Stuart Carruthers RYA Cruising Manager

BoatWide, S.L.  Pasaje Agustina de Aragón, 13 bj.

08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona       Tel: 93 635 07 78

info@boatwide.es   www.boatwide.es   













WinchRite Cordless Electric Winch




Sailing made easy with an electric winch that takes advantage of both directions of the gears of the winch




WinchRite is an electric winch with torque of 130NM which reduces the amount of energy required to operate any of the winches onboard




The WinchRite is cordless due to its Li-ion battery. It is designed to operate winches of sailing boats. You can also use it to lift an outboard motor by davits or halyards.




WinchRite has variable speed which is operated by a squeeze to the handle.  It can be used in double-direction allowing you to turn the winches in both directions. In the reverse direction you can take advantage of the lower gear of the winch.




The duration of the battery depends on the level of work, such as size of the sails, the maintenance state of the running rigging and if the manoeuvres are large or small.  Charging options being 220v AC or a 12V cigarette lighter socket




The Winchrite is IPX6 sealed against water and spray. It comes with cover for protection. To store for instant use, there is a support option (white plastic holder) that can be installed with screws in any position on the boat.






For safety reasons: Although the WinchRite has enough strength, is not recommended for raising people up any structure such as the mast.




WinchRite is the small but powerful electric cordless winch that makes sailing a pleasure! 



Technical specifications


Electric cordless winch.




Waterproof: IPX6 against water and spray


Weight 2,9Kg


Length 380mm


Battery Li-ion 21.6v.   2.8 amps


Charger 11
0v/220V AC and 12v DC


Stainless steel winchbit


Speed.  Variable to120 rpm


Double direction operation


2 years guarantee




RRP: 566.11€ + IVA


The price includes WinchRite electric winch, storage bag, AC charge lead 110v/220v, 12v DC charge lead, stainless steel winchbit (Photos from left to right)






BoatWide, S.L.  Pasaje Agustina de Aragón, 13 bj.

08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona       Tel: 93 635 07 78

info@boatwide.es       www.boatwide.es










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