Renovation works at two Palma Marinas nearing completion.

Amarres Deportivos SL, was awarded two concessions in 2010 and 2011 to renovate the Marinas of Pantalan del Mediterraneo, along the Paseo Maritimo and the old Pier 46 ( Moll Vell) close to the STP yard, in what is probably the most sheltered part of the harbour, as well as having very easy access into the “Old Town” of Palma.


The permitted changes to these two developments ranged from the building of a new pier on top of the old Pantalan del Mediterraneo piles, ( thus avoiding the  increased pouring of concrete into the sea) to excavating the whole footprint of the new building at Moll Vell to a depth of -2.7 mtr below sea level. This meant using the power of 14 high flow water pumps for two months, keeping the hole dry !

Oscar Siches, the man behind these developments told us that the marina business has changed hugely over the past 20 years. The days of just waiting for boats arriving to fill up your marina have long gone in most cases. These days there is a need to study the market to decide which size and class of boat that you want to attract. The needs of a fleet of small dayboats, where just a few toilets is sufficient, are very different to the requirements of 9 to 16 mtr cruising yachts who need plenty showers and loos for their crews. Boats of 25 mtrs upwards are different again due to having first class facilities on board and who don’t need showers on the marina, but do need parking close by their yacht as they will be taking vast amounts of shopping etc on board. The larger boats also demand higher security and high speed wi fi on tap.  All these factors as well as local market, social , political and economic conditions have to be carefully considered.

Another issue, which many marina designers ignore, is the role of the suppliers to all of the boats. The bigger the boat, the more services will be required. From maintenance to repairs to renovation, a yacht in port generates a lot of extra traffic to cater for laundry, carpet cleaning, engineers, victuals etc etc

The marina has to be prepared to cater for this traffic and deal with access control so as to keep security tight without seeming like a fortress. These workers need to be aware of the code of practices within the marina to avoid any unseemly issues arising causing any ill feeling.

Marina personnel need to be well trained and ready to help; before it is asked for. Assistance with carrying shopping, moving rubbish bags and general customer care are all part of the modern day expectations from marina staff. Looking after the customers, just as 5 star hotel staff look after their guests is now the rule. It is just another area of the hospitality industry.

The Moll Vell concession includes a building which will contain offices, restaurants and bars built in sympathy with its surroundings close to the cathedral. The building will be open to the public so local residents can enjoy the facilities.

Other improvements made include

  • Double bollards so no sharing is necessary.
  • The berthing platform has hinged boards to store hoses and electric cables out of sight.
  • Access gate for vehicles can be operated by mobile phone.
  • Small crane to lift Jet Skis and tenders for servicing.
  • Raft available to use for hull maintenance.

Moll Vell will have 23 moorings from 25 to 40 mtrs plus 3 moorings of 15, 18 & 20 metres. All 30 & 40 mtr berths will have 3 phase 125a electric.

Pantalan del Mediterraneo offers a 128 mtr long berth with 7mtr depth plus 60 berths between 20 and 30 mtr all with 700 A power supply.

The anticipated completion dates for the two marinas is the end of October for Pantalan del Mediterraneo, and mid January 2014 for Moll Vell, although they are accepting yachts for both from the beginning of this month. Knowing the standards which Oscar Siches demands, I am very much looking forward to seeing their completion in the coming months.

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