29th Regata Almirante Conde de Barcelona

This annual regatta was held in the sparkling waters of Alcudia Bay from 21st to 25th August. The conditions were just about as perfect as it gets, for the 28 boats, with breezes of around 15 knots and clear blues skies each day.


There was a wide range of boat sizes and designs on show, but the eye catcher was without doubt Mariette.  She is 98 years old  32.28 mtrs in length and designed by Herreshoff in the USA. Her team were a pleasure to watch as they sailed her beautifully around the course, with seemingly little effort for such a complex yacht. The photographs you see on these pages give you an idea of her sheer beauty.

Other boats of note, were Argyll, the 17.48 mtr Sparkman and Stephens design from 1948, now owned by the British actor Gryff  Rhys  Jones. 

 Manitou, at 18.80 mtrs is another beauty and was owned at one time by President J.F.Kennedy. She is an Olin Stephens design from 1937, and very similar to Enterprise a 18.20 mtr design, not surprisingly  from Sparkman and Stephens in the USA.

In the “Spirit of Tradition” class there was a wonderful looking boat Pas Encore, which is a Joubert design from 2005 but designed in the classic mould and performed magnificently for a boat of only 9.5 mtrs against the larger yachts.

The Flying 15 class with 7 entries had some great racing amongst themselves and fit very nicely into a classic regatta, being a 60 years  old plus design by Uffa Fox.

All in all everyone had a great time both on and off the water, with tales of late night revelry  to compliment the great sailing on the uncluttered waters of the Bay of Alcudia. Roll on next year’s event.

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